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Will this harm my natural lashes?
No. Michele is an educated and experienced lash artist. She uses the proper technique to isolate one natural lash and attach the appropriate size and weight of the extension to one lash (and only one lash), thus accentuating each individual lash. To maintain the health of your natural lashes, Michele suggests following her aftercare recommendations.

Does it hurt when they are applied?
No. During your service, you will lie down face-up on a massage table with your eyes closed. Michele will apply an adhesive pad and tape to hold down your lower lashes. Next, your upper lashes will be primed using quality products to remove any proteins on your natural lashes. Michele will then isolate one natural lash and glue an extension to it, repeating the process until all healthy lashes have extensions. Many people fall asleep during the application. Lash naps are the best!

How long does it take?
If this is your first visit with Michele, a consultation is necessary as your eye shape, desired design and lash curl will create amazing results. All services are customized to your needs. A full classic set with consultation can take approximately 2 hours, depending on the client's concerns. A lash fill for a classic lash can take between 45-75 minutes, depending how long ago your last fill was. More time will be needed for hybrid, volume and mega volume lashes.

Is there anything I should do before my appointment?
Yes.  Arrive with clean, makeup-free eyes and clean around eye area, no face cream, lotion or oil before your appointment.  If you arrive with eye makeup or products on skin around your eye area, please arrive 15 minutes early, Michele has makeup remover available - she can give you a lash bath. 

Can I wear mascara?
Yes. The best option is oil-free, extension safe mascara. But it's not needed, that's the best part! No more mascara or curling your lashes! But, some people love their mascara, and Michele sells an oil-free, extension safe mascara that can be used if desired. Some clients like to use mascara before they get their next fill.


Can I go swimming?
Yes.  As long as you wait 24 hours after your extensions have been applied. Michele always suggests that after swimming, you remember to wash your lashes!

How often should I get a fill?
Everyone is a bit different. We all shed our natural lashes in a process called your "lash cycle." As new lashes grow in, the old ones fall out. We all lose approximately 2-5 lashes a day per eye without noticing. Because of the variance between each person's lash cycle, some clients get their lashes filled every 2 weeks, while others prefer to wait 3 weeks. Lash growth serum helps keep your lashes in the growing stage, making them shed at a slower rate. All of this depends on your personal life style, how well you care for your lashes, and your growth cycle. Everyone is unique! Pricing also varies based on the length between your fills.

I heard you have to remove the extensions periodically to allow your lashes to breath and recover. Is this true?
No. Lash extensions are attached to the lash, and only the lash, not the eyelid or any other part of your eye. With proper application, maintaining fills and recommended aftercare, you can keep extensions as long as you wish.

Lashes by Michele

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